Since it tends to be more efficient to write a screenplay with one scene per file, an easy way to preview the full screenplay as one document is needed. This need is filled by the shell script screenplay-build.

For a quick preview of your screenplay as one big document, use

$ screenplay-build ~/myScreenplayDir

This simply concatenates anything appended with .scp into one big preview.screenplay, indents it a little bit, and places that preview file in whatever directory you currently are in. This obviously assumes the convention that I myself use; name your scene files with the file extension of .scp and reserve the .screenplay extension for the full work.

If you've configured your system with the dot-emacs options that this site recommends, then the preview.screenplay will open in screenplay-mode in Emacs, and is obviously also readable (being plain text) in any other text editor you choose.

Note that this is intended as a quick, single-file preview of your screenplay only and does not contain page-numbers or scene numbers.

You're now ready to read up on the next tool, screenplay-title